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Sunday, September 15, 2013

We all love vampires

Menglu Cai
Option 1a
Intro to Fiction 045
            When I read Freniere (from Interview with the Vampire), it reminds me of Twilight-Breaking Dawn, which is the first movie of the whole series. They have a lot of common to share.
            Firstly, the places in this story and movies are both pretty. In the story, everything happens in New Orleans. When follow narrator’s description. “the planters, always the planters, coming to town with their families in shining landaus to buy evening gowns and sliver and gems, to crowd the narrow streets on the way to the old French Opera and the Theatre d’ Orleans, and the St. Louis Cathedral….(Oates 349)” we can feel that New Orleans is a  romantic place, where different people coming from various races live in a great harmony. In the movie, the heroine Bella Swan moves to live with her father in Forks, Washington. It is a small town, where werewolf and vampire both lives. People are nice. Bella makes friends on the first day of school. I also remember the scene that Edward takes Bella to show her his vampire power. The forest is right next to the school. I am fascinated by the movie, how close to the nature that the school is.
            Other than the place setting, the vampires in both stories and movies shares some common features. They are immoral. The only thing that is slightly different is that the Vampire in the stories is scared of cold. But, the vampire in the movie is scared of fire. I smiled when I read that the vampire said: “I killed animals…Lestat killed humans all the time…(Oates 351)” This totally reminds me of the movie. The Cullen family tries very hard to control their appetite to only eat animals to satisfy their need for blood.  This makes me believe that they all are good to human, and may be they are not that kind of scary. On the other hand, Lestat in the story will kill human, this happen to be the same in the movie. In the Twilight, there are also some bad vampires who drink people’s blood. Though the story does not tell us how the people become the vampire, I can visualize the scene thanks to the movie. 
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 Rice, Anne. “Freniere”.  American Gothic Tales. Ed. Joyce Carol Oates. New York: Plume, 1996. 349-357. Print.  

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