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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reading feelings Arnau Dachs

Reading Feelings
Arnau Dachs
Blog #1
Option #5
     In this blog I am going to talk about some different things about the short story “The Veldt”. Even though it was a short story I had a lot of different feelings while I was reading it.
     That little story it was the one that surprised me the most out of the ones we read. I cannot say that I was scared when I was reading it but I was feeling mystery and intrigue during the reading. I have to say that when I realized at the end what happened I was frightened because I could not believe what happened. In the beginning of the story I could never imagine the Peter and Wendy would be able to control the house and kill their parents. While I was reading I never though that they could be a threat for the parents. I knew that they were thinking about lions and the lions were eating things but just though that it was normal. in the veldt there are lions and lions eat the other animals they hunt. Looking at that story the gothic motive that I first think about is the uncanny and the sense of mystery and dread. The uncanny is because the first thing I though about that house that does everything for you was that you control everything, you just have to tell the house what do you want it to do and that’s it. But, while reading I saw that the house was controlling them, they wanted to shut it down because they could not stand it anymore. About the sense of mystery and dread topic, in my opinion that story has that thing that keeps you reading until you can finally find out what is going to happen. I would actually recommend it to a friend because it is a short story and it is quick to read and also I think that it is a very good story. If you think about when it was written, that is a lot of imagination in that time. 
     I would rate this story with a 4. I actually really like it. I found that the technology they had in the story is very cool. I would like to have one room where you can put whatever you want and you can keep changing it. And also in the beginning I didn’t expect that the kids would kill the parents. The reason is because I didn’t understand the part that said that the parents woke up hearing familiar voices screaming. But then I realized that they were hearing themselves being eaten by a lion because the kinds were imagining it.

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