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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Veldt Movie Adaptation

Option #1B

I would love to see a new movie adaptation of Ray Bradbury's story "The Veldt". It has been nearly 25 years since there was a movie base on this writing and I think that it is time for another.

If I were the casting director, my cast would consist of Kevin Spacey as George Hadley, Charlize Theron as Lydia Hadley, Michael Cera as Peter Hadley, and Dakota Fanning as Wendy Hadley. I think that the combination of these actors/actresses would prove the best to get across the overall goal of the story, in my opinion.

Kevin Spacey and Charlize Theron were my choice to play the parents because they both are able to portray the worried parent role. Spacey is able to be the strong patriarch who is the decision-maker of the family, while Theron can portray the type of worried mother persona that accurately describes Lydia's personality.

For Peter, I think that Michael Cera is a good fit. He has that eerie sense about him that would be perfect for a representation of Peter. He is very quiet and does not act in a sort of way you would expect a person of his age. He is oddly stoic and just throws off the "creepy vibe" that I expect from Peter.

Lastly, I think that Dakota Fanning would be a perfect fit for Wendy Hadley. She has the right voice for the role, the kind of high pitch voice that just causes the audience to be on edge. She also has the experience for this type of role, she has been in suspense genre movies before (War of the Worlds).

With this type of cast, I am sure that this movie will be a box office success. This plot is a good one and I am surprised that so few people have tried to turn this story into a feature film. With the right acting corps, this movie will have the ability to generate tons of profit and go down as one of the best movie adaptations of all time.

Kevin Spacey PictureCharlize Theron PictureMichael Cera PictureDakota Fanning Picture
A star-studded cast for the remake of The Veldt

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