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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My scary place

My scary place
Arnau Dachs
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The story ‘The Lonesome Place’ by August Derleth, talks about the places children fear by giving an example of two kids that are extremely frightened about a place. The author describes the place as a boy by saying ‘Half a block long, black as black could be, dark as the deepest night, with the shadows of the trees making it a solid place of darkness.’ (Derleth 192). As we can see the word that is more repetitive is ‘dark’. It is true that people don’t use to like dark places. When you are a kid, the fear is bigger because your imagination is different from when you are old.
I remember when I was a kid that there was a street in my hometown, which was a little street across the street where I live, that it was frightening. You could use that street as a shortcut to get to my house or if not you could go all the way doing kind of a semicircle to get there. It would take you 10 more minutes. I am from a really small town so I basically walked everywhere because it was faster. During the day, I used that street every time I came from somewhere, it saved me a lot of time. But when it was at night I used that street maybe twice in my life. That street was a really narrow street, there was just one light and it wasn’t very bright. It had kind of a dark yellow color because the bulb was very old. I remember thinking that in that street lived a monster that kidnaped the kids who walk by the street because that was his property. And whenever the man felt the fear of the kid he just took it. When I walked through that street I clearly remember that I was trying to keep my composure and don’t be afraid, so the man could not feel it. I used some techniques such as walk very fast but not running, singing some funny songs or whistle.
As I said before kid’s imagination does not have limits. In ‘The Lonesome Place’ the kids imagined that there was monster in that lonesome place. The protagonist describes what they imagine ‘it had scales and a big long tail, like a dragon’ (Derleth 194). I also imagined that it was a monster that was human and very ugly and long hair.
What I think is that when we are kids we believe in monsters, witches and other supernatural things and we always think that in every lonely and dark place there is creature waiting to do something bad to people.

Derleth, August. “The Lonesome Place.” American Gothic Tales. Ed. Joyce Carol Oates. New York: Plume, 1996. 191-98. Print.  

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