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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No Trespassing-Kimberlee LeVasseur

In “The Lonesome Place,” Johnny and Steve were afraid of going into the woodsy area the grain elevator. They were afraid of what or who was inside of that area. The described the monster as a dragon, no face and the feet were made of claws. So many things about this place scared the boys. This reminds me of a time when I was about ten years old.
As a young child, Chelsea Drive was my playground. I had multiple friends that I played everyday after school let out. Countless games of hide and seek, racing on our razor scooters, and hopscotch was played on that street. We particularly loved to play across the street from my house. There was something frightening and exciting about this place. It was dense with grass and trees and we never knew what we would find in there. Our parents always told us to be careful over there and to stay away from it as much as possible but being the rebellious children that we were we didn’t listen. There were these mysterious trails within the “woods” that we walked up in down, playing hide and seek and looking for secret caves and hiding places.
Just as bobby died in the woods, my neighbor’s cat was also killed in the woods, by a coyote. Although it is not the same magnitude, it scared us to go into the “woods” we once happily played in. We stopped going as soon as the incident happened because we were scared to run into the monster that killed the cat (at the time we were too young to know it was a coyote.)
To this day, I still believe that the “woods” is a pretty creepy place. I now know why my parents, just a Johnny and Steve’s parents, did not want me to go back there.


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