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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scare or not?

Sebastian Moreno
The American Gothic
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Normally, when I read scary books, I end up thinking a lot of things. These things end up confusing me by thinking if scary books are real or not. So I have always live with these feeling inside me that how can the writers write something like this and try to frighten people by reading. The story that got me confuse was " When we have lived in the Castle" by  Shirley Jackson. What I found interesting about this book was that while I was reading it I was nervous all the time because I did not what was the main character into (Merricat). She was the one that scared me while I was reading the book. It scared me because I always thought she was a horrible person walking in town and not liking people. 

There have been several scenes in which I didn't like the most but there were some that did scare me. Marricat is the person that appears in all the scary scenes that I wanted to point out. There were two scenes that got me and I started thinking in which what if she appears to me in real life. First, when Marricat was walking on the side walk and the kids started yelling at her awful things about her. What the kids were doing were singing a song that she sings all the time. Merricat did ask their mom to be quiet and respect. What it put me nervous and scared was that I thought she was going to scared all of the kids by doing something really scared but she didn't. I would rate this 3 of 5 because I thought she was going to scare the kids.  The second, it was when Merricat and her sister, Constance, were lying on the floor between the threes looking at their house getting burned. I thought that she was going to get crazy and start scaring everyone that was on the street looking at the house getting burn or that there were going to be a ugly storm where Merricat and her sister were going to disapeard from town. I would rate this 4 of 5 because I did have feelings about that moment. I thought it would change having another ending in which everyone would starting come to peace because the sisters would disapear. 

For me, I have to admit that it was suspenseful because every time I was reading a sentence I was thinking into how this girl might look like if if she appears to me in real life. It also did put me into thinking all the time in what was "Merricat", the main character, into.
In my case, I would not recommend it to a friend because I don't think my friends would not like to read a book that is not famous at all. At the same time if I recommend it to someone that like scary movies that person would not like it because how the story is told is very slow. There are not many parts that have scary actions. 

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