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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blog #2 Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Option #1:

Significance- The character Brome Bones I believe to be the villain in this story line but especially in the movie. Although it was a movie therefor it was easier to visualize the characters, Bones motives were very distinct against his competitor Ichabod. Where as in the novel by Irving, it was left more for the reader to decipher. This led me to believe that Bones is the mysterious “headless horseman” in the movie, also because it only portrayed him as a trouble- maker and up to no good, not his group of men.

Comparisons- Ichabod was exemplified exactly how I imagined from the reading. Right down to his physical appearance as well as his characteristics such as his singing and his way with women. The movie told the story “The legend of Sleepy Hollow” in more of a light and comedic relief, where as the book was definitely darker, gorier and more mysterious. The movie did follow the text to great detail; using certain quotes, bringing the characters to life with the exact personalities and hitting the high points in the story. 

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