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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blog #1: Frightened Of My Own House

Q: Blog about a particular character, situation, scene, or issue found in one of texts that you can relate to on a personal level. For example, in "The Lonesome Place" two boys are afraid of a specific area in their town which they believe to be inhabited by monsters. You could choose to write about a place or an area that used to frighten you and why. This blog is open to any scene or story you felt a personal connection to within the unit. 

In reading "The Lonesome Place", I was automatically drawn into the story being told. It was a little "creepy" as you mentioned in class, but it was an easy short read and really relatable. As children, we tend to get scared easily when told scary stories or when we watch a scary movie that we probably shouldn't have watched. I remembered when I was a kid, I would get so scarred after I was told a scary story or I watched something frightening on tv that I would not want to move from my mom's side. When Steve mentions , "My mother would discover that she had no sugar or salt or bologna, she would say "Steve, you go down town and get it." I would say, "I don't wanna." Though my mom never asked me to run down to the store to get food, she would tell me to go to the garage or go downstairs where it would be dark and I would say "No you come with me!"(Derleth, 92). Sometimes, it would be to the point where I couldn't sleep at night that I had her sleep in the same bed as me!

When thinking about a place or an area that used to frighten me, I would have to say the bottom floor of the house and garage. You would think that you wouldn't be afraid of your own house but for me as a child, I would be so afraid to go downstairs or to the garage that I cringed at the thought of going down there by myself without my mother. What started it all was when I happened to see a Steven King movie of all movies! I remembered it being the movie "Salem's Lot"  and there was a scene in which a little boy was asleep in his room and his window/curtains were open and this ghostlike little boy "floated" up to his window to look over him while letting himself inside the room. Now looking back at the scene, it doesn't seem too scary now but back then, I remember I could not deal with the dark at all and slept with a flashlight on at all times. I would think that because the downstairs was so dark, that "boy" would be downstairs watching me or something else was downstairs waiting for me. I would hear noises downstairs all the time (which turned out to be the refrigerator!) that would give me the impression that something was downstairs. 

Just like the two boys from the story, I too had created a fictional character out of my own imagination that had me fearful for a good chunk of my childhood.

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