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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blaire Pickens: Blog Prompt 4- The Veldt

The Veldt is something I can relate to, but on a smaller scale. I have never lived in a “smart house” where somebody brushed my teeth and tied my shoes. I have never had my own personal 3D Nursery where I can dream up whatever I imagine in my head. Instead, I have had access to every new piece of technology of this generation. Anytime anything new “techy” product came out on the market, I just had to have it. When I was in 4th grade I had a cell phone and have had my own personal computer since freshman year of high school as well as everything in between. I really love technology and it makes my life a lot easier. But just like in The Veldt, sometimes I feel that technology is running and ruining my life. When I was a senior in high school I began to notice I couldn’t be in a classroom or anywhere where I was stationary and not be on my phone. Whether it was texting, Instagram, checking Facebook or twitter I would always find some reason to be on my phone. If I had no social media or text messages to answer I would even be on my phone checking weather, deleting old pictures or anything to be productive. I was obsessed with my cell phone. In the same way that Wendy and Peter’s parents wanted to shut down the house, I decided to shut down my phone. I stopped using my phone for an entire summer. I turned it off and told people it was broken. I made a decision to stop texting and being so focused on what was going on with my social circle. It was hard the first few days but I started to notice how easy it was to have a break from technology. It felt refreshing and I felt very free from the obligation of checking messages and keeping up with phone calls. Since I didn’t have homework in the summer I really wasn’t on my laptop every often. When I read The Veldt I felt a personal connection to the idea that technology was starting to suck the life out of them. I have felt that way before and it truly is an eye opening experience and shows you there is so much more value to life when you get to enjoy it up close and personal.

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