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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Walk to Remember

Chris Ganson
Blog Option #4

In Washington Irving’s short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane is a schoolmaster that tries to win over the heart of the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel. Katrina invites Ichabod to a party in the story, and she ultimately disappoints him at the end of the night. Ichabod ends up leaving the party “heavy-hearted and crest-fallen,”(Irving 39). As he travels home, he starts to feel lonely and dismal.On his way back home, he begins hearing strange sounds and thinks about “all the stories of ghosts and goblins that he had heard in the afternoon,” (Irving 39). Ichabod, now feeling scared, starts to see images of something white in the distance. He eventually discovers that it is just the white wood of a tree which had previously been struck by lightning. Ichabod then hears some strange sounds that terrify him. “Suddenly he head a groan- his teeth chattered and his knees smote against the saddle,” (Irving 40). Later, the reader finds out that the noise was just the rippling of one log upon another. 

I grew up in a small town 20 miles north of San Antonio, Texas. The house that my family and I lived in is located on 5 acres of land surrounded by woods. Our street is one of the darkest streets in the neighborhood. I remember walking out at night and not being able to see more than three feet in front of me. Unfortunately, my car was located in a garage that is separate from the house, which proved to be an issue when I would, after watching a scary movie, have to trek to the garage to retrieve something I left in my car earlier. I will never forget some of those nights walking out to the garage and being scared by all the little noises that I heard in the yard. As I walked through the woods, I would think about the scary movies I had seen and jump at every sound I heard. One night, while I was walking through the woods, I heard something running at me. I was scared and screamed when the mysterious thing jumped on me. It turned out the thing running at me was my dog Tex. I can relate to Ichabod’s story because while walking out at night I tend to let my imagination get the best of me.

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