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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dream Between The Woods " Young Goodman Brown"

Option #4
Sebastian Moreno

Dream Between The Woods

Reading this book gave me a perspective in which I thought I was the main character. This happened because I have a dream exactly like what Goodman Brown lived while he was in the woods. Goodman Brown the main characters of the book experience something, which I believe it was a dream he was in. What happened in his dream was that he realizes that all the people from his town were at a ceremony which make him think that these people have refuse to their faith and have become part of a evil ceremony. All the ceremony, was taking place while he was in the forest talking to this person who wanted to take him to the ceremony but he refuses to go with him. In a moment he saw the pink ribbon with was wearing his wife going to the ceremony, so he stand up and went to see what was happening. He got there and he sees that on a rock there was this big man, which looks the same as the man who was with him in the forest. All the people that were surrounding him and his wife have left their faith and converted part the evil by refusing their faith. He ends not refusing to his faith. "Depending upon one another's heart, ye had still hoped that virtue were not all a dream. Now are ye undeceived. Evil is the nature of mankind. Evil must be your only happiness. Welcome again, my children, to the communion of your race."(Hawthorne, Nathaniel) (62) This is the quote which I am using to identity what I wanted to point out before Goodman brown refuses to the Evil. This was the quote that capture me the most because on my dream I experience something similar in which the evil was also calling everyone to the communion. On the next morning he wakes up and while he was walking in the town and looking at everybody that were at the ceremony he started looking bad at judging them.

What happened to him was very similar to a dream I had a couple of years ago, which I now I would never forget. I think I would never forget because it was very dark from my point of view what happened on it. My dream happened in a forest too where I was with my girlfriend and my best friends. While we were at the house we were staying in, I saw several people walking outside going to weird place right in the middle of the forest. From the house you would see that there was like a ceremony going on. But my friends and I didn’t pay much attention to it so went to sleep early. In the middle of the night I wake up to drink water, I didn’t realize that I everyone was gone. So when I really open my eyes I saw my girlfriend was not there and my friends were not there. I got scared and started asking myself what had happened. I approach to the window to see if I could see them outside but they weren’t, so I started getting worried. But right after looking at the window I heard my girlfriend screaming. I put my shoes and started running to be she was. When, I got to the ceremony there were hundred of people around my girlfriend and my friends. In the middle, there was a big rock with a chair on the top was a man with a big red body. I couldn’t see much of his face because the only thing that I wanted was to get my girlfriend and my friends out from there. When I got in the middle where they were standing I looked at their faces and they were possessed and has giving their life to the devil. They were about to have the evil communion but I got their attention by not being one of them. So, then they tried to get me and I started screaming very hard saying: “I would not loose my faith, I believe In God”. So comparing to Goodman Brown on what he said that was “Faith, Faith look up to heaven, and resist the wicked one” (Hawthorne,Nathaniel) (63) It is similar in the way that both resist by not refusing to our faith. I woke up in the real life, my girlfriend that was sleeping next to me was worried because of what I was screaming. I didn’t see my friends after I woke up from my dream because they left to town, but when I saw my girlfriend I did acted mean to her and didn’t want to talk about it. We almost broke up in that moment because I am a very religious person which I don’t tolerate people who are on the side of the evil. But we did not thanks to her because she explained me everything that I have said and done while I was dreaming. She said that I left the room and when to run to the garden like crazy yelling but because no one responded to me, I came back to sleep.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. "Young Goodman Brown." American Gothic Tales. Ed. Joyce C. Oates. New York: Penguin Group, 1996. Pages 62,63

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