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Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Replacements" Casting Call

Option #1B

          If the short story “Replacements”, by Lisa Tuttle was made into a movie, I know exactly who would play the roles of the main characters. For starters, we have the main character Stuart. For this role, I think the perfect actor would be Jude Law. One of the obvious reasons he is a great choice is that Law was born in London, England, which is the location of the story. He is not just right for the role because of his natural accent, but because he personifies who I imagine Stuart to be. Law can play a likable guy who is not seen as a threat. At the beginning of the story, Stuart kills a strange creature out of pure reflexive fear. I personally have not seen Jude Law in any movies where he is violent and scary. Readers sympathize with Stuart’s reaction, and don’t see him as an evil monster. Law would be able to portray that scene accurately. He could also pull off a bit of a flirty, womanizer type, as seen in his film “Alfie.” Although we don’t see any signs of Stuart being a womanizer, we do however know that he may go over the line with personal or sexual jokes with his secretary. Stuart wonders if his secretary’s bag may be carrying sexy underwear, but “decided it would be unkind to tease her further” (463).  

          For the next casting, I would pick Emily Blunt as Frankie, the secretary. Blunt has actually played a secretary before in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. She is an attractive woman, which is how I picture Frankie, based on Stuart’s opinion of her. Incidentally, she too is English, which makes the choice even better. Lastly, Stuart’s wife, Jenny, will be played by Natalie Portman. Portman and Law have already worked together in the film “Closer”, proving that they already have on-screen chemistry. She would be able to play the sweet, gentle side of Jenny, and also the obsessed nurturing side. Like Jenny’s obsession with the animal she finds, Portman plays an obsessed ballerina in “Black Swan”. Now, these are just my thoughts on who should play the roles of Stuart, Jenny, and Frankie, but I think there pretty spot on! ;)

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