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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blog 3 "The Black Cat"

Serial Killers 

      Many times in my life I have ask myself in what these serial killer have in their mind when they are killing someone. As I took a psychology class, my professor always says that “They are not people that are crazy, they are people that grow up with effects on their mind which has change their way of thinking and by doing it many times they do it as it normal.” I believe that it might be true what she is saying but I also believe that they are crazy by doing all this things to innocent people.  “The black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe, which is the story I choose, talks about a man that is in love with animals but especially with a black cat which at the end he finish killing his wife and his black cat. It is a difficult story to read because it contains several things which make believe that what the serial killer, the narrator, is happy killing his love ones. The quote which made believe that he was happy by killing was when he felt this: " The second and the third day passed, and still my tormentor came not. Once again I breathed as a freeman. The monster, in terror, had fled the premises forever! I should behold it no more! My happiness was supreme! The guilt of my dark deed distributed me but little." (85, page)

I wanted to relate this book with a person which also has been a serial killer that thinks in the way as being normal to kill people as the narrator of “The black Cat”. The person from the story is Ted Bundy, a person who at his late age found out that his “sister” was his actual mother and his “parents” were his actuals grandparents. After this happened a psychologist took care of him who help him a lot in the way of not killing anyone for those years. In the years of college is were his killing started.

“Midvale, Utah's, Police Chief Louis Smith had a 17-year-old daughter whom he frequently warned               about the dangers of the world. He had seen all too much during his career and worried for his               daughter's safety. Yet, his worst fears were to come true on October 18, 1974 when his daughter           Melissa disappeared. She had been found 9 days after her disappearance — strangled,                             sodomized and raped.”

       This is one of the victims of Ted Bundy which comparing them two, the narrator kill his wife and Ted did kind of the same thing by killing one of his girlfriends. 

      There are similar things in between the narrator and Ted Bundy that can relate in the way that they are called serial killer, psychopaths , killing women, not having problem killing people. The differences between them two are that Ted Bundy killed 34 persons and the narrator killed just his wife, then that Ted Bundy did not kill any animal and the narrator did kill his lovely and prefer animal, the black cat. Ted Bundy was not concern on what he was doing, for him was normal just killing all the girls he was having a relation with. But for him they were targets which make believe that he was proud of killing the people. So, I think that the narrator was proud by getting rid of his wife and his cat but I think that if the narrator did not call the police to check what he has done wife and the cat he would have kill all his other animals and maybe more people. 


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