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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Lonesome Place Playlist

Alexandra Truong
Blog #3, Option 2
September 26, 2013
Gothic Literature and Culture

The Lonesome Place Playlist

  1. Weeping Willow by Sebastien Schuller 
    1. This song is about a mad person contemplating death. This person explains that they keep hearing voices, and feels a presence with them even when there is no one there. I thought that this song was relevant to The Lonesome Place because every time the boys walked past the Lonesome Place, they thought another presence was with them, watching them, and ready to pounce or just out to get them. The emotion between this scene in the short story and the song are parallel in that both of them give off a very haunting and eerie feel. The song also talks about how there is a big tree that looks like its hiding secrets within the leaves. This reminded me of when Steve tells about the trees in the Lonesome Place and how he felt like there was something hiding in them.
  2. I’m Shaking by Rooney
    1. Although this song is somewhat upbeat and uplifting, it talks about how the person singing is going crazy and how they can’t control their emotions. This reminded me of how the boys felt when Bobby Jeffers died. At one point, the song goes “I wake up in so much spit and sweat, it is not normal.” This is how I imagine the boys to feel not only about the Lonesome Place, but also when they discover that Bobby Jeffers was killed there. I picture Steve feeling this way when he struggles in the debate of whether or not he should tell his parents about the “being” that he believes dwells in the Lonesome Place. 
  3. The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves
    1. When listening to this song, I think it sounds inspiring. Looking at the lyrics though, I picture each of the boys laying in bed and waking up from the a nightmare of the Lonesome Place and just being thankful that they made it another day without being eaten or killed or captured by the creature that dwells in that space. The lyrics “I felt this thing I can’t replace.” made me think of how Steve felt when he recalls the being in the Lonesome Place.
  4. The Walk by Imogen Heap
    1. Imogen Heap has a great way of producing a chilling and eerie sound. This would be appropriate for The Lonesome Place soundtrack. “You’re as close as it gets without touching me.” Reminded me of when Steve recalled running manically past the Lonesome Place and being able to feel the creature that he and Johnny created in their minds breathing down his neck. I think that if this song was played during the scene, it would further increase the anxiety and stress of the audience while watching the scene. 
  5. Monster by Meg and Dia
    1. This song is truly appropriate for this story in that the song sings literally about a monster haunting the singer. The verse “Creatures lie here/Looking through the windows.” was a little bit chilling and I picture it playing when the boys discover that Bobby Jeffers was killed in he Lonesome Place. I feel of all the songs on this playlist, this one was most relevant lyrically without having to think about them between the lines and in sound, gave off the most “haunting” and “spooky” feeling that The Lonesome Place was trying to convey.

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