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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vampire Diaries & "Freniere": Similarities

The short story “Freniere” and the TV show Vampire Diaries are very similar. Both of the main characters are two brothers, Lestat and Louis in “Freniere,” and Damon and Stefan in Vampire Diaries. Both stories follow the lives of vampires and how they struggle to fit into the town they live in. It tells of their battles with what they eat and how they try to hide what they are to the rest of the population in town.

            In Vampire Diaries, Stefan feeds off of animal blood just as Louis does and Damon feeds off of human blood just like Lestat. Neither of them attempts to fight their urge to feed off human blood. They are both set in their ways and no one can change that. Steffan and Louis are similar in that they seem to really care about their relationship with their brother and their well-being. Louis spends a lot of his time making sure Lestat is staying out of trouble just as Stefan does for Damon. Both stories have a distressed heroin, Elena Gilbert in Vampire Diaries and Babette in “Freniere.” Louis looks out for Babette and her family, as does Stefan for Elena and hers.  When Elena’s parents die, Stefan makes sure she is okay. When Freneire dies, Louis makes sure Babette knows that she can handle the farm on her own.
            After reading “Freniere” and realizes how much it has in common with Vampire Diaries, I realize that maybe Vampire Diaries is the modern version of this short story. It makes me wonder if the writer for the show ever read “Freniere.” The similarities are endless with these two stories and I have only named a few. 

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