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Thursday, October 17, 2013

"The Anatomy of Desire" and the movie "Twilight"

While reading and talking in class today, I could not help to think about the movie “Twilight” when we discussed the story “The Anatomy of Desire” especially with the correlation of the fascination with someone’s skin in both of these stories and want to be able to possess someone else in the name of love. In the “Twilight” movie, there is one particular scene where Bella and Edward are in the woods behind the high school and they are laying on the ground together in the sun light and she has a fascination with the glittering of his skin when the sun hits it. He is actually ashamed of how it glitters which seem to play into her fascination even more. This scene is similar to when the General is admiring Hanley’s face and seems to have an unnatural attraction to how perfect it is and how Hanley not only wants the Saints love but he actually wants her to allow him to cut her skin off so he can totally possess her.

Another similarity is the personal need to love and/or possess someone so much that you are willing to change who you are and/or who they are so you can have or possess them completely; Bella loved Edward so much that she wanted to become what he was, a vampire which to most who were vampires was not a choice they would have made given the chance. Bella is human and wants more than anything to become a vampire like Edward.  Just like the “Saint” in the story, Bella is willing to give up her human life for immortality like Edward has. One major difference is Edward does not want her to do this but she insists that she understands all of the consequences of her choice.

Stephanie Key

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