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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anatomy of Desire Soundtrack by Trisha Langley

Trisha Langley
Blog #4

Option 2-  Anatomy of Desire Soundtrack by: Trisha Langley
Option #2

I chose to use the short story “The Anatomy of Desire” for this blog option because when I was originally reading, I instantly was overwhelmed with the sickness and disturbing nature this story had to offer which then lead me to think about what kind of music would be playing in the background. Since this story was so disgusting it was almost hard to purposefully imagine what the author was wanting us to because it was so vile and upsetting. But I thought to myself the kind of songs that would be playing during these scenes would be something along the lines of the songs I have chosen from my personal playlists. Because I am the person that I am, and posses the love for creepy things and the supernatural, I spend my free time watching shows such as Hemlcok Grove, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and the many ghost shows that TV has to offer. Surprising to many I’m sure because I don’t necessarily look like someone who would enjoy watching these things or call them my favorite shows but I do, so I’m fairly familiar with what scary movies/ shows play during certain scenes.
            A few songs specifically stuck out to me right away simple because of their genre and content within the lyrics and I was familiar with them because they are popular songs that our on my ipod. The first song is The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. Now if anybody recognizes this artist’s name I believe they would agree with me that the utter inappropriate and disturbing view of this artists work would perfectly match the description and plot of “The Anatomy of Desire”. In this specific song they lyrics use describing words such as fascism, and capitalism, which explain the generals role in the story; he has overall power over Hanley and what he does to him. There are also verses such as this one that really stuck out to me and I think correlates perfectly with the short story.
“Hey what do you see? Something beautiful something free? Hey you, are you trying to be mean? (This would be Hanley view point referring to the general) If you live with apes man it’s hard to be clean. There is no time to discriminate, hate every mother-fucker that’s in your way (this would be the general’s reply to Hanley and stating his view point on how to be strong in times of war) The worms will live in every host, its hard to pick which one they eat the most. The horrible people, the horrible people. (This is the overall viewpoint from both characters because they are both evil and portray the same action) 
So as you can see this song happens to be a perfect match in my mind to the short story. Another song I have on my playlist was I’m So Sick by Flyleaf and since this short story is in the unit of madness I figured it to be fitting. This song exemplifies the idea of “sickness” so we call it, that posses Hanley and his infatuation with the lady called the saint and this idea of being loved and possessed by another human being. These are some of the few lyrics that really popped out in my mind.
            “I will break into your thoughts, with what’s written in my heart. I will break, break.
            I’m so sick, infected with where I live, let me live without this, empty bliss, selfishness. I’m so sick, I’m so sick.”
Overall this describes my idea of how Hanley may be feeling. When I initially read the story I felt sympathetic towards him and his situation and thought he was truly desperate and lonely. But after our class discussion is was more clear to me that there was definitely something wrong with him for him to be able to commit such vile actions. So these lyrics again are describing his feelings in which he cannot escape this madness, for he cannot understand why he was chosen for this to happen and he cant come to reasoning with himself or the world around him anymore.
            The next song I have chosen is another creepy yet popular song that is from my personal playlist. It is called My Immortal by Evanescence. When listening to this song and reading the lyrics I simply saw the character of the saints view point through these lyrics. For example
            “These wounds wont seem to heal, this pain is just too real, there’s too much that time cannot erase.
            When you cried I wipe away all of your tears, when you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears, and I held your hand through all of these years. But you still have all of me.”
After discussing the story in class I felt more sympathetic for the saint because she honestly did not love him and she basically just gave him what he wanted because of her sympathy for him. And in the end she completely sacrificed herself to him at all costs. And these lyrics explain to me what I think the saint would want to say to Hanley if there was a moment for the truth or an extended version of the story. I think she would want him to know all that she did for him and show that it was all with him in mind and not her. She was being selfless.   
            Those 3 songs exemplify from the characters viewpoint within the overall story. Now I have 1 more song that matches the actual scenes within “The Anatomy of Desire”. Since American Horror Story is a show I’ve most recently watched and am very familiar with I chose the opening credit song, which is called American Horror Story by Cesar Davila- Irizzary. Although this song does not have any lyrics the actual music itself says it all. In my mind when this song plays I instantly see grimness and darkness. And I would imagine this song being the music to play in the background during the process of the skinning of human beings as well as the theme song for this story. The only way I know how to describe this song is that it is heightened with sharp almost electric sounds and other unusual sounds. Here is a link to the song for a better reference. 

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