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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Anatomy of Desire movie cast

The Anatomy of Desire: John L’heureux If I could select a movie cast for a fictional movie version of “The Anatomy of Desire” written by John L’heureux, I would base my choices off of who I think would best represent the character very realistically. Hanley: I would choose Leonardo DiCaprio to play the role of Hanley. Leonardo is a very accomplished and esteemed actor who is capable of playing complicated and intense roles. After seeing him in Inception, Shutter Island, Blood Diamond and most recently the Great Gatsby I feel he is an emotionally powerful enough actor to truly capture Hanley’s disturbed personality. In the Great Gatsby DiCaprio plays Jay Gatsby who is a young, mysterious millionaire originally from North Dakota. He is obsessed with Daisy Buchanan, whom he had met when he was a young officer stationed in the South during World War I. This character makes him a great choice for Hanley as Hanley is also infatuated with the nurse who they call the Saint. It does not specify what type of war or branch of military that Hanley was in but when they remove all of his skin it is because the “enemy’ found him sleeping in the trenches. Hanley wants to be loved more than anything. His one desire is to be desired by another. Even though he is human he feels as if he is another breed because all of his skin is removed. “’I want to be loved by someone,’ he said. ‘I’m human too. I’m like you.’ But he knew he was not like her. Everybody called her the saint.’” Nurse (the Saint): The nurse in the Anatomy of Desire would be played by Keira Knightly. She is an English actress that has become a household name because of many American feature films. She is known for her role as Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean as well as King Arthur and the Pride & Prejudice. Keira should play this role the first reason being, because she looks like a saint. She is beautiful and angelic and has played many versatile roles in her career as an actress. When I read this short story I picture the nurse to look something similar to Keira. The nurse does not have a huge speaking role in the story as she represents Hanley’s desires and what he longs for. When Hanley asks why isn’t being loved and being in love enough for him to feel satisfied she simply says “Nothing is ever enough, You want to be possessed.” The General: I think Clint Eastwood would be great to play the role of the General. The General is a small role but plays a key part in the reason Hanley is the way he is. Hanley was chosen by the general to have his skin removed. He was an infiltrator and the enemy made an example out of him. The general showed him mercy by leaving the skin of his “best parts” on him. His most important line is when he writes to Hanley, “’You could have been my own son,’ he said. ‘What we do in war is what we have to do. We do not choose cruelty or violence. I did only what was my duty.’” Clint Eastwood is a director and actor and known as an icon and legend for all big time movie stars. He is personally one of my favorite actors because he always plays a tough, hardened man but his movies reveal him to have a deeper, meaningful and soft side. I see this come out in films such as Gran Toreno, Absolute Power and Million Dollar Baby.

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