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Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Something Wicked This Way Comes"

Sebastian Moreno
Blog #2

                                                              Are you scared?

     Why I choose this title, are you scared?, is because I get scared all the time when I’m watching a horror movie. I don’t like to watch scary movies because I get scared very easily, but with what I get scared the most is with the music they put before a scary moment happen. When I watch this movies I have to be next to someone because if not I would scream bad words or hiding in a corner. I laugh every time I tell a story about when I have watched a horror movie because I can’t believe how scary I get. So watch a scary movie by not getting nervous, frighten, worried has been a challenge for me.  

(For this blog what I did was to watch better the movie, so I could relate better were the soundtracks could fit.)
The Texas Chainsaw soundtrack
This soundtrack has make me feel to get scare because once you hear it you feel like something is about to happen. So this is exactly what I felt when I started watching the movie " Something wicked this way comes" that this music can be play right in the beginning when, Mr. Fury warns Jim and Will that something is about to happen, that they need to stay alert". I think it would fit there because it's a song that contains scary parts which relate to the moment which Mr. Fury alert them, so this song can represent frighten in that moment and to be alert because something bad is about to happen. 

Friday the 13th soundtrack
When the circus is getting in town and the storm is coming, the sound is just perfect for this part because is calm and it feels like someone is coming is coming as a surprise and is about to scary people. It feels like it is a sound of making you to get surprise that it was true about what Mr. Fury was saying, which as "something big is about to happen". So you play this sound right when they are getting in town and it feels like a surprise for everyone and make them feel scare which they don't know who they are and for what reason they have come to town. 

Candy Man soundtrack
When the kids want to be in the carucel and they can't because Mr. appears there and tell them things which get them worried. But one of the good things is that they don't trust him much about what he was saying so they don't do anything. This soundtrack would fit in these part very good because is an intense moment for the kids to learn who Mr. Dark was and what might he been into, which wanted to change the boys. 

The Exorcist soundtrack

This soundtrack is different as the other ones because it doesn't sound that scary but it has something which might make you think of what can happen. What I mean by this is that this soundtrack can fit in the moment were Charles Halloway was about to go home and he stop and he sees a cage, which is for death people. He look at it three times, the first time he sees just the cage, the second time he look at it and it has a white hand with a red diamond ring in one of the fingers, the third time he look back there was nothing. So this soundtrack would fit right after he has sees the hand with the red diamond ring, which can represent to the audience something big and bad is about to happen.

The Hills Have Eyes soundtrack

For me this is the scariest soundtrack of all the ones I choose because what it represent for me is that it make me feel that I am in between a torture or that a person is killing someone. This soundtrack can perfect fit right at the end of the movie or part of the book. The part which I am telling is when Mr. Dark starter looking for the two kids at the library and it feels that he is about to kill them right when he sees them. This part make me feel worried, intense and frighten and with this soundtrack would make this part even better because the audience might get very worried. 

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